Healing the Heart

    I shared a family on Facebook the other day, but kept it vague to respect their privacy, leaving out the details about why they inspire me with their strength and love.

    I knew Robyn was an amazing mother from the moment we first interacted in late 2012, and photographing her first baby boy early 2013 was just the proof I needed. She is kind and genuine and meeting her felt like I’ve known her for years.

    Last year, as many of you know, I went through quite a lot personally. My marketing suffered, as did my email response time while I struggled to understand what was going on with my health.  Most of my clients understood and offered a shoulder, some were upset with me (understandable), and then there were those who opened their hearts to me. Those were the ones that became the type of friends I could call family. I could literally feel the love in their hearts.

    Robyn is one of those type of people. I am so grateful she stumbled on my website years ago.

    Mid last year, Robyn went through her own personal hell. One that has forever left a hole in her heart. But what she may not see herself is, that event has made her even more caring and authentic. I can see the love of life in her eyes. Her spark, which I didn’t think could be possible,  just became stronger.

    Robyn and her husband were expecting their second child last year. We were excited and talking about meeting later that year to photograph her newborn session. I knew they wanted a second so I was over the moon when I heard the news of her pregnancy.

    At 24 weeks during the routine anatomy scan, they learned their precious baby girl wouldn’t survive the third trimester. Even if she did, she wouldn’t survive the birth. As a mother myself, I can’t imagine the heartache she felt hearing this on a day that was supposed to be exciting.

    Sweet baby Claire was delivered the following week, born sleeping into her mother’s arms. And in that moment, life would never be the same.

    Getting the news from Robyn broke my heart. I thought about them daily and prayed they would be able to try again. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, as it didn’t take long for me to get the good news, they were pregnant again!

    When you learn someone is expecting again after such a tragic loss, it is bitter sweet. Bitter in the fact that you don’t know quite what to say. Of course you are thrilled, but at the same time, do you worry they are scared? Or comfort them as they try to embrace this second chance without fear?

    I chose to jump for joy for Roybn and her family and she quickly made me feel better as she was equally as excited and euphoric. She wasn’t scared, she was euphoric to find out about this new baby.

    Now here is where once again Robyn is stronger than I ever could be. When she found out the sex of the baby, she didn’t tell anyone. Not even her husband or son. Instead, she wanted to set up a gender reveal to capture the look on their faces! We had already planned to meet for Connors 3rd birthday photos, so it was the perfect time.

    We originally planned to capture the moment outdoors at a park but the weather had other plans. When we were rained out two weekends in a row, for obvious reasons, we moved it indoors. I’ll give some major kudos to daddy for being a good sport and waiting to find out. He’s more patient than I could be.

    I have to say, I think it was worth it to have their faces on camera.

    This is the first time I have done a gender reveal with non helium balloons and it was so much fun! White and silver mini balloons with just one colored one.

    Which one do you think? Pink or blue?

    gender reveal photographer

    I can’t say enough how inspiring this mama is to me. The very fact that she allowed me to tell her story here, and wanted me to share it speaks volumes about her character and loving heart. Anyone who goes through infant loss can attest to feeling alone, and finding other stories of healing hearts and love provide comfort. She knew that.

    Congratulations N family… you have no idea how happy I am for you.