The Reason I Do This

    I’ve been working with families all around Maryland and the surrounding cities for over a decade now. I’ve accomplished a lot, have made some of the best friends I have, and have made plenty of mistakes along the way as well. Despite any of the challenges that come along with running a business, there is one thing that keeps me going. One reason I will always be passionate about photography.

    It’s this right here.

    baby photographer

    In addition to the smiley face above, comes the beautiful people that bring children like her to me. MANY of these people I can now call friends. People who I could call family.

    Maryland truly is a beautiful place. I used to joke about the cost of living here, but now I know why. Because it’s home to some of the most beautiful babies and families in the world.  And totally worth it.

    Miss Olivia here is living proof.

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